Automation games

To scratch that annoying
“I need to automate everything”
itch we all get every once in a while.


Autonauts is synonymous with “adorable robots”.

You start, like in so many games, by picking up a rock, chopping down a tree, and making an axe. But after that, you craft yourself a robot friend, and you teach it how to chop down trees for you.

Step by step, you create more robots, teach them more things, unlock the next tier, repeat.

This game is by far the most adorable thing I have ever played.

The Colonists

Also with adorable robots, but on a more management level rather than playing as your own character.

In The Colonists, robots are automatically deployed onto roads and into buildings, challenging you to lay-out your colony as optimally as possible.

Roads can get blocked with a backlog of items to be moved, or robots may be unable to reach their destination because of blockages. It’s up to you to explore the map, battle enemy colonies and build your empire.


Kubifaktorium takes some getting used to, but in a very charming way.

Aside from the adorable graphics and the wonderful tutorial, this game has a very extended automation system that still feels realistic, like moving around your goods with hot air balloons, horses and trains.

Each building unlocks new recipes, and those recipes need resources – which you can find by exploring the map and building the most optimal network of supply and demand.

Little Big Workshop

I have to be upfront: Little Big Workshop is not an industrious or tech-y automation game – but it is one of the most adorable workshops I’ve ever ran in-game.

Little dwarf-like toy puppets come to life to tap away at the machines you place and the orders you want to fulfill. Will your focus be on woodworking or plastics? Will you choose metal toolmaking, or go for toys? It’s all possible, and it’s all up to you!

The bigger your workshop grows, the more options you will have. Will you expand into a big and efficient production unit, or will you decide to keep it small and cute, the way it all started?

The possibilities are endless, especially with this big, evil DLC coming up.


This is the only not-so-cute automation game on this list, and that’s not without reason: despite it not being cute, it’s just that darn good.

Despite the strange planet with its alien fauna and flora, Satisfactory is quite realistic in the way it portrays automation. The gradual build-up from “gather this manually” to “build a miner” to “connect everything with conveyor belts” to “sit back and observe as everything happens without your interference” is very, well, satisfactory.