Barn Finders


A highly addictive game, especially for completionists… with a twist.


➕ Completionist’s dream.
➕ Hilarious jokes, references and theme.
➕ Interesting and funny storyline.
➕ Jumpscares can be disabled.
➖ Minor graphical issues.
➖ Bugs that prevent you from 100%ing the game.
➖ Little interaction with devs.


The gameplay is very straight-forward.

Ever seen TV programmes like ‘Storage Wars’ or ‘Barn Find Hunter’, where collectors pay a lump sum to buy a container, a garage box, or any mystery box type lot, looking for hidden treasures to sell and hopefully making more profit than they spent on the purchase?

Well, this game is that, but with a little twist.

Your goal is to start looking for items to sell, and then sell them.

Okay, wait, that sounds boring, so let me try again.

You get a store you can customise with wallpapers and floors and display shelves you can upgrade. Shoppers will come to your barn, and you can haggle with them for a better price. Each day, you get a new “job” – basically the next level you unlock, in which you buy a house and look for the requested item. Each of these maps have puzzles, in varying degrees of challenging to solve.

I guess you could rush through the game, just find the needed item and move on. But honestly, this is one of those games that are a completionist’s dream. Every level has a specific amount of items you have to find, as well as a few collectibles and a “trophy” item for your bedroom. The computer in your shop has a catalogue, where you can mark all the items you have found. For every 30 items you unlock in that catalogue, you get a skin for your truck.

The entire game is very “American redneck” themed, but so over the top, it is easy to get carried away in. It’s time to get your cowboy hats out and your yee haw on, son.

And then there’s a twist. I’m obviously not spoiling that here, but here’s a slight teaser image to get you interested. 🛸

Also, an important note for people who do not like jumpscares: there are a few instances where the game springs that kind of “scary” on you, but at the beginning of the level, it asks you “Do you want to be scared?” and if you say ‘no’, that disables the jumpscares. They are not essential to the completion of the level or storyline, they only add in atmosphere. Big thanks to the developers for adding the option to disable this.

After completing the game, one thing that bugs me (pun intended), is that there are some bugs in the catalogue system. Collected unique items are not registered in the game’s catalogue, do count for the Steam achievements, but don’t respawn so you cannot register them to get a neat 100% completed in-game catalogue.

Furthermore, there is no official Discord or channel to reach the devs with this feedback, so I’m left feeling a little annoyed at not being able to share the information and get it fixed.

Altogether, though, the game is 100% worth it, super fun and challenging enough to keep me busy for about 25 hours. The storyline has me wanting to discover more, even though it’s pretty simple and silly.


The controls are very intuitive and there’s a small tooltip guide whenever a new mechanic is introduced. One of the few games that didn’t have me look up “how do I…” while playing.


The graphics in this game are comparable to Viscera Cleanup Detail and House Flipper: very realistic and interactive.

There are a couple issues with clipping and a green line in one of the wallpapers, but overall there are very few things to complain about, visually.


The interface is very organised, gives all the information you need at a glance, and fits well within the “old school redneck theme” the game has going on.


👍 100% recommended! This game is any completionist dream. If you enjoy games like House Flipper and Viscera Cleanup Detail, where mucking through heaps of items looking for cool stuff and collectibles is your main goal, completing a catalogue while you go, then Barn Finders is the game for you! Keep in mind that the game still has some bugs, though, that are gradually being fixed. The devs also don’t have an official Discord, so reporting your bugs and giving feedback is practically impossible.