Cozy Grove


Animal Crossing with Don’t Starve graphics and tragic backstories.


➕ Completionist’s dream.
➕ Super cosy, as the name implies.
➕ Gorgeous graphics.
➕ All things cute!
➖ Lacks organisational tools.
➖ Object placement has room for improvement.

Let me preface this review by saying I would gladly dish out a 5 ⭐ rating to this game if it weren’t for a few things that could be improved, like a storage system that could be more organised, and item placement that could be a bit more intuitive. Other than that, I’m completely hooked and I can’t wait to play this game again!


I play Cozy Grove on PC, and I love how it still has a console feel to it, even on mouse and keyboard.

You can move around by WASD, but if you so wish, clicking around, like you would on the Switch, works as well.
This allows me to just sit back and play the game with just my mouse hand, putting me in a very relaxing mood and allowing me to eat a snack while gaming – very convenient!

You are a (female, in case that bothers you) scout who is sent to the wrong place by mistake. You’re stranded, and your goal is to help the ghost bears (yes, all the ghosts are bears, I love that!) with quests so they can uncover more of their own backstory (and you along with them, of course).

You’re accompanied by your trusty, sentient campfire named Flamey, who’s also your item and clothing storage, and who will advise you on what to do next in your adventure. Flamey loves eating logs, so feeding him should be your top priority.

On your travels, you’ll find several (literal) spirit animals to adopt. The one in the screenshot loves bagels, just like me!

Are you a completionist? Because this game… wowzah! I live for the collectibles in this game. Over a hundred unique seashells to collect. Flowers to grow. A “museum” with literally every item in the game. Sand piles to dig through. Bushes to cut. Bone piles to clear. Stones to mine. Tons of fish to catch. You could easily lose yourself in this game for hours on end, just running around and collecting things.

But you can also play more casually. Spend 30 mins – 1 hour per day to do your dailies, finish all your quests. Doing that, the game cuts you off right before you get into grinding mode, and you’ll happily look forward to coming back the next day.

The humour in the game is on point. Puns galore, pop culture references, so many winks you can’t help but smile at.

I started playing this game because my friends in Open Gates were hyping it so hard, I couldn’t not get into it.

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The only issue I have is that the storage is literally that: storage. Just one big chunk of storage space that thankfully can be expanded, but it’s a FIFO system: what you put in first is listed first. There is no “organise inventory by type” or “filter by colour” or whatever nifty storage organisation mechanisms you’d dream of, so it’s really hard to keep an organised storage. For now. This has been requested and suggested in the official Discord quite a few times, so I trust the devs will add this in a future update.


The controls are pretty straight-forward and well-explained whenever you unlock something new.


One word: gorgeous.

I guess it’s one of those styles that you either absolutely adore or cannot get into at all – but if you have played and liked Don’t Starve before, you will recognise the style and love Cozy Grove for it. It definitely takes some getting used to, for example the character always being front-facing, staring you down right into your soul. Or the NPCs being very squared and 3D while you are not. Once you look past that, the atmosphere draws you in and holds you there, captivated, until you run out of time and forcefully have to be removed from your game.


The game is very point-and-click with all the information you need to know displayed on screen: your inventory, your quests, markers for NPCs that need you, your coins, your achievements, the time, and so on.


👍 200% recommended! I am completely hooked.
This is the “Animal Crossing but not Animal Crossing” game that I have been looking for for a long time.
It’s addictive enough, with lots of customisation (clothes and decorations) but not too many options that it becomes overwhelming. There’s endless collectibles, but none that are too hard to get. It remains a playable, casual feelgood game that leaves me wanting more at the end of the day.