Dininho Adventures


Adorable, derpy dinosaur saves dinosaur eggs
in nostalgia-inducing, retro side-scroll platformer.


➕ Adorable graphics.
➕ Solid retro platformer story & gameplay.
➕ Fantastic music.
➖ No customiseable keybinds on PC, presets only. AZERTY-unfriendly.
➖ Tutorial aimed at Switch players.
➖ Translated, so bad English.


By default, the controls for this game are set to arrow keys. The in-game toturial refers to controller rather than keyboard keybinds. The controls cannot be individually customised, but there are a few presets that allow you to go for a WASD-setup. For AZERTY players, that means switching over to QWERTY, or using the arrow keys.

The game is translated, so the English isn’t always as good. It can take a few reads to understand what the tutorial is saying. These are obviously things that can and probably will be patched out with some user feedback.

One note: you’ll die. A lot. In that sense, it is also a typical retro platformer. Prepare to try the same bit over and over and over again, only to fail and rage quit in the end. It’s normal. Embrace it.


The tutorial is given to you by an adorable little duck.

It’s called the DuckTorial. *giggles*

My biggest issue with the game, is that the tutorial is hardcoded. By that I mean, it explains the controls on Nintendo Switch, in which sense it’s quite literally a port with no adaptations to PC gamers.

In the beginning, there was a lot of back and forth between game and options menu, to see to which key the tutorial was referring to, which is obviously not the most comfortable way to learn how to play a game.


The first screenshot I saw, I immediately felt nostalgic for games like Bubble Bobble and Bust-a-Move. Probably because of the adorable little dinosaur.

Dininho Adventures has pixel graphics – for anyone who hasn’t heard me geek out over pixel graphics before, I really, really love pixel games.

The music in this game immediately takes you for a trip down Memory Lane, all the way back to the PlayStation demos you found in your cereal boxes. But it also reminds of more recent games, like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Just the title screen alone put me in the mood for some binge gaming!


The games’ main menu is very “arcade”, and so is the rest of the interface.

With the life counter, egg counter and time counter in the top left, the game just screams arcade game in a bar in the ’90s, and I’m here for it.


👍 I would definitely recommend this game if you’re into side-scrolling, old-school platformer arcade games. The whole setting is adorable, and the game is pretty relaxing until you get into the rage quit phase.

I first played the game on Steam and linked the Steam store below, but I would also suggest just getting it on Nintendo Switch if you have that. The game comes more to its rights on the platform it was created for.