The satisfaction of Carcassonne,
with the relaxation of a cosy puzzle game.


➕ Gorgeous graphics.
➕ Great soundtrack.
➕ Relaxing gameplay.


This game is very straight-forward: pick a piece, place it, get points.

If you have ever played the board game Carcassonne, this will feel very familiar: hexagon tiles to be placed adjacent to other tiles, you get points based on how they connect to their neighbouring tiles. Except in this game, you’re not competing with your friends, you’re just relaxing and building a pretty world, trying to beat your own high score.

Some tiles have “quests”: surround me with at least 15 fields, build a track of exactly 7 railway tiles, I need a neighbourhood of exactly twelve houses, etc. For each completed quest, your stack of tiles gets refilled, which keeps you going for longer. More tiles, more points.

Oh, and did I mention the adorable trains and boats that are just travelling around your Dorf? Absolutely gorgeous!


The tutorial is straight-forward, to the point and fills in the gaps of the game that aren’t super self-explanatory.


The tiles you get have trees, houses, railways, pieces of river, fields… but as the game goes on, you unlock different styles for them (your grain field may become a lavender field). Depending on where you are on the map, grass may become gravel or sand. While the graphics are very simple, there is enough variation to keep them very interesting and overall super cute.


The interface is super intuitive: your stack of tiles is in the bottom right corner, you get a preview of the upcoming three, and then you rotate and place the tile wherever on the board (always adjacent to an already placed tile).

Quest reminders appear in the top right corner underneath your score.


👍 Absolutely recommend this game. Endless replayability. Super relaxing, yet challenging enough to want to keep doing better. The skins that you unlock after placing a certain amount of tiles are super adorable and a sufficient reward to make me keep playing.