Okay, let me get this out of the way succinctly:

Forager is grindy as fuck… and I love it!


➕ Grindy, but in a good way!
➕ Adorable graphics.
➕ Very natural progression.
➕ Clear “next step” without too much handholding.
➕ Intuitive interface and clear buttons.
➕ Super configurable to your own preferences.
➖ Not everything is obvious (e.g. how to heal, which skills to unlock).


The gameplay is very straight-forward. You begin on an island, you have a pickaxe in your hand, you see a rock. You don’t have to have over nine thousand hours on Minecraft to figure that one out. Smackity smack, and a stone comes out. Great! My crafting menu flashes with a ❗ to indicate which recipe to focus on. It’s a furnace and it costs 10 stone!

The rest of the game progresses similarly. Level up and unlock new skills, and new items will drop. These new items lead to new recipes, new recipes lead to more expansion. Your only goal is to survive .

My name is Forager Queen. I am stranded on a deserted island with only one goal... survive.

After a while, enemies appear. And a classic at that: a cute little green slime. But don’t be fooled, these little slimeballs are deadly! When two or three sneak up on you at once, your three hearts will be depleted quite soon, and then it’s game over. You can reload from the last autosave, but I feel that the game plays better in hardcore mode. Die and start over.

This brings me to my first and only negative point in this review: I still have no idea how to replenish hearts. I know food will heal my energy, but there is little indication to how to replenish health. That could be a little clearer.


There is little tutorial to this game, aside from a flashing ❗ in the menus whenever you have unlocked something new (or have a new skill point to unlock something new). That is not a bad thing in this game, because it is so intuitive and straight-forward.

Graphics & soundtrack

You know me, I have a weak spot for adorable pixel graphics, and this game is not any different. Just looking at this game puts me in a relaxed mood. Together with the adorable uplifting and relaxing soundtrack, this game is a piece of visual and auditory art.


The interface is straight-forward, with everything neatly tucked away behind descriptive buttons. And what’s more important: the game is highly customiseable in what it shows and doesn’t show!

At first, I was a bit taken aback by the random camera panning and shaking. I thought, shit, this is going to bother me. But after a quick look through the settings, I was able to uncheck these options, as well as the “will your screen flash and give you a seizure when it rains” option. That makes Forager super friendly and inclusive for everyone who might have any sort of sensory issues, which only adds to the wholesomeness of it. Huge props to HopFrog for that.

Steam Workshop

You know I am a sucker for mods, and Forager will probably not be an exception. But as always, I want to experience the game fully in vanilla, before I start modding the shit out of it.

A quick glance at the Steam Workshop showed me a bright future, though. Tons of automation mods that don’t break the balance, mods that add extra food items to the game, even a clone of yourself that you can slaughter for food. Okay, maybe that steps away from the wholesomeness just a tiny bit. Moving on.

And in case you're interested in making mods yourself, come join us at Mod Bucket on Discord.

We'd be happy to help you get started, test your mods out for you or just in general hear about your progress!


👍 A thousand times yes, yes, yes! If you enjoy grindy progression games, Forager is the absolute pinnacle of the genre. Endless progression, leveling, gathering, building, crafting – what’s not to love?

And a double recommendation if you’re into multiplayers in this genre, because Forager currently is 40% off in preparation for multiplayer!