Founders’ Fortune


Stonehearth meets The Sims in this adorable colony simulator!


➕ Very fun and addictive.
➕ Gorgeous graphics.
➕ Challenging, but not too punishing.
➕ Steam Workshop support.
➖ A tutorial would be nice.
➖ Could use a few quality of life tweaks.


Founders’ Fortune is an adorable colony simulator that allows you to build, upgrade and decorate your own buildings, build relationships between your Colonists and, depending on the way you want to go, lets you befriend or wage war on the native goblins. You can deal with traders and pirates (or, again, fight them if you are up for that).

The progression in research and technologies is pretty straight-forward. Though in a later-game stage, the scrolls needed for research are only acquirable through trading, which can be a pain.

There are a few quality of life tweaks I would like to see, such as:

  • A more extensive tutorial detailing tips and tricks;
  • Rectangular room tool instead of wall by wall;
  • Easier way to gauge whether a migrant is useful for your colony;
  • Changing between multiple tools for multi-class colonists;
  • A few more options regarding colonist customisation.

Sometimes, especially early-game, colonists’ moods and unwillingness to work can be a little intimidating. Overall, I wouldn’t say the game is too punishing per se, although making a few consecutive wrong choices can get you stuck sometimes.


There are very, very few instructions in the game.

In the beginning, you are pointed towards the four items you need to build to get started, but after that, there is no tutorial to speak of. I would like to say that that’s okay, because most of the gameplay is pretty straight-forward, but a lot of things like keybinds, shortcuts or action queueing are not at all intuitive and mentioned nowhere in-game.

There is a wiki, but it is my personal conviction that a game should be possible to be played on its own, without external resources like a wiki or fan-made tutorials.


These graphics are right up my alley.
The right mix between cute and simple, just like me.


The interface is intuitive and straight-forward for the most part.

Some things are in what I think is a weird place, but with a bit of looking around and getting used to, it’s fine.

Steam Workshop

There is Steam Workshop support for Founder’s Fortune, and there are quite a few creations available so far.

I have to say, most of the workshop items are quite cheaty, which of course is a choice. Very little in decorative content so far, most are tweaks to certain gameplay challenges (such as: gain more food from crops, instant building, no goblin attacks, etc.) which makes them perfect for players looking for a creative mode, which isn’t provided in the vanilla game.

And in case you're interested in making mods yourself, come join us at Mod Bucket on Discord.

We'd be happy to help you get started, test your mods out for you or just in general hear about your progress!


👍 I would absolutely recommend this one if you’re into colony sims!

It’s super addictive, fun, cute and challenging enough to keep you invested. It’s one of those games that you restart over and over and over again because you discovered something new that you tell yourself, “I’ll start a new game and do that right from the start, this time”, only to discover something else, rinse and repeat.