Genshin Impact


Breath of the Wild but for weebs.


➕ It’s free-to-play.
➕ Paimon is frigging adorable.
➕ Available for PC, Mac, PS4 and mobile.
➖ Flashy if you’re photosensitive.


The game starts with a pretty hefty cutscene. You can choose between a male or female character, without customisation options. The backstory is solid – within seconds of starting the game, it is explained where you are, why and what your main quest goal will be.

When you open your inventory for the first time, Paimon will say “oh, wow” in the most adorable way. That has absolutely nothing to do with gameplay but I found it noteworthy for this review.

My husband called Genshin Impact “Breath of the Wild, but for weebs”. At this point in time, I have played two games that people compare to BotW but never BotW itself – so I can’t really compare. But I do, however, 100% agree with that assesment. Playing Genshin Impact gives me the same giddy feeling as seeing BotW footage. The vast open world-ness and the floating around on a glider only add to that.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, Mac, Android and PlayStation 4.


The tutorial is pretty straight-forward. There are tooltips whenever you encounter something you haven’t seen yet, and Paimon is always there to mark the way to go.


The graphics are amazing, especially for a free-to-play game. The cutscenes are top notch animation and flawlessly transitions into gameplay.

Granted, the anime style is something you either like or don’t. I’m a fan myself, so I’m over the moon with the graphics. Cute small anime spirit characters, unite. There is attention to detail as well, from the wind swooshing to droplets of water, everything is accounted for. And on top of that, this game is chock full of cute critters and beautiful flowers. You won’t run out of things to look at, I promise.

The anime-style graphics remind of a softer Final Fantasy as well, while the “summoning” (called wishes here) borrow from more mobile games like Fate/Grand Order and Azure Lane.

The only negative thing I can say about this game is that the cutscenes and motion blur make the visuals a little too flashy at times, which is effectively only an issue if you’re photosensitive. Motion blur can be turned off, which eradicates most of the issue.


The interface is pretty straight-forward. Not much to say about it, everything is organised neatly and the menus are very intuitive. The overlaid informative symbols are not intrusive at all.


👍 Most definitely a thumbs up from me. There is so much content I haven’t seen yet, but I’m eager to play through. This adorable, relaxing open world game has so much to discover, and all of that in a free-to-play game that doesn’t push in-game purchases at all. Truly a labour of love.