Koi Farm


Super chill and relaxing, yet challenging and frustrating at the same time.


➕ Super cute graphics.
➕ Chill background music and vibe.
➕ So many possibilities, and more keep getting added.


The game play is very straight-forward: you have a big pond, a small pond and a river.

Random base koi pass through the river. You can scoop them up and put them in a pond.
The small bond is for breeding, the big pond for growing (and sometimes breeding).
There are challenges to complete, with specific combinations of colours and patterns to breed.

After that, the game is just an endless kind of sandbox where you can keep breeding and combing, to create the koi of your dreams.

Graphics & interface

The graphics are simple but super gorgeous.

The interface is straight-forward, only the book of quests is a menu to open, the rest is point, click and drag.


👍 Absolutely recommend this game if you’re looking for something relaxing to play, for a change of pace and to relax.