New blog

Remember Project 2020?

Initially, the goal was to bridge the gap between New Year’s Eve and the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 20th. I challenged myself to play 30 minutes of a new game each day, and write a short review about it. Just my honest thoughts, my first impressions.

I quit writing when AC:NH arrived and I got completely addicted, but I found myself thinking back fondly on the blog. I enjoyed writing the reviews. And while it isn’t sustainable, nor for my mind, nor for my wallet, to play a new game every single day, I do enjoy discovering new things every once in a while and writing about them.

So I brought back Project 2020, but differently.

The first change is the name. Project 2020 was never going to last a whole year, but what if it did and it became 2021? Bad choice of name, right?
I went with “Rambling Reviews” because I just love alliterations, and I have to admit the reviews were more often than not just a teensy-weensy bit rambling. I’m not sorry.

What else will change? I won’t limit myself to reviewing games anymore, but I’ll add any sort of new obsession I discover, whether that’s a TV series I just binged, a new take-out restaurant I found or just a song I’ve been listening to on repeat. It will mostly still be games, but there will be some other stuff in the mix as well.

I’m not yet sure if I want to go with a set structure of reviewing, different categories to focus on like graphics, sound, gameplay, etc. or if I’ll just go with the flow and just spit out what pops into my mind, like I’ve been doing.
Probably that.

As always, any feedback or discussion on my posts is welcome on my Discord server.

Anyway, that’s enough meta rambling right there.
Thanks for checking out Rambling Reviews!