Adorable dinosaurs in a fun and relaxing management game!


➕ Super adorable and relaxing graphics and music.
➕ Great tutorial that is the right amount of hand holding.
➕ Intuitive interface, very clear and self-explanatory.
➖ No custom keybind, which is problematic for AZERTY users.
➖ The loading screen background is hard on the eyes.
➖ Parts of the interface overlap, which makes it unorganised at times.


Parkasaurus is a zoo tycoon type game where you hatch and breed dinosaurs. The dinosaurs apparently come from outer space, in adorable little space ships, which adds that extra level of endearment to the setting.

Caring for your dinosaurs is similar to any other zoo game: you build exhibits, make sure it has the right biome type for your dino, add plants and rocks, some water, enrichment, drop a donation box in front of it et voilà, you start making money.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Cera, my very first dinosaur.

A more practical downside is the lack of keybind remapping. Especially as an AZERTY user, it is quite annoying to have to change to QWERTY in order to play the game comfortably. Luckily, the developers still have a few updates planned for the game, and hopefully they will implement it somewhere down the road.


Parkasaurus does the tutorial really well. It is very straight-forward, with exactly the right amount of hand holding and flashing icons. Of course, having played many similar games before, some things are just intuition: you’ll look for a bush in the same place you just found a tree, and you’ll find the information kiosk in the same place you just got the science building from.


The graphics reminds of the old school RollerCoaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon games in its top-down view and simplistic graphics, detailed enough to be distinctive.

It looks adorable at first glance, and combined with the relaxing background music, the game really drives that home.

The only downside is the loading screen. The contrast between the red and yellow stripes is hard on the eyes, and can be quite jarring, pulling you out of the immersive, relaxed mood.


The interface is very intuitive, clear and self-explanatory.

There are, however, a few elements that overlap, making it a bit tricky to navigate and see everything at first glance, as you have to minimize certain menus in order to see a reach to close another bit.

Steam Workshop

Parkasaurus comes with Steam Workshop support. There are a variety of custom buildings, decorations and even dinosaurs available to be added to your game. There is documentation available to help you get started building your own mods and skins.


👍 Price/quality-wise I would definitely recommend Parkasaurus to everyone who enjoys management, zoo simulation and building games. And those of us who love dinosaurs, but aren’t always in the mood for a serious game with more realistic (and scary) graphics.

Parkasaurus is to Jurassic World Evolution what PixArk is to Ark: Survival Evolved: more or less the same concept, but with a much more relaxing gameplay and super adorable graphics.

The game released on Steam today, at €16,79 (-20% until 20 August).