WordPress Plugins

My WordPress experience wouldn’t be the same without these plugins – which I add to practically every new website project I start.

2J SlideShow

If you have quite a few photos you want to share, a slideshow is an ideal solution. I’ve tried many slideshow plugins, and 2J SlideShow stands out for its simplicity and freedom to customise the slideshow whichever way you want it.

Gallery of my AC:NH designs with 2J SlideShow.

Annual Archive

The Annual Archive plugin makes the WordPress archive a little more attractive. You can display daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decade, or even post by post archives with a shortcode or in a sidebar widget.

Annual Archive on my photo blog.

azurecurve Tag Cloud

There are many tag cloud plugins out there, but azurecurve Tag Cloud wins in my book because it gives me the most autonomy. I can choose the way the tags are ordered, what they look like, how big or small they are depending on the amount of posts tagged with this particular tag.

Tag cloud with azurecurve on my design website.

Breadcrumb NavXT

Similarly, there are more breadcrumb plugins out there than I can count, but Breadcrumb NavXT stands out because it just does what it has to in a simple, straightforward way: it plugs in a simple breadcrumb trail that can easily be customised with custom CSS.

Breadcrumbs NavXT in action on my design website.


Collapse-O-Matic sounds like it might come out of a ’90s scifi point-and-click adventure game, which automatically grants it 10 extra points. This plugin allows you to add collapseable bits to your posts and pages. “Show all recipes” for a mod page, or “show/hide spoilers” – whatever use you can think of, this plugin works for it.

Changelog for my mods using Collapse-O-Matic.

Display Posts

Display Posts is a plugin that, you never guessed it – displays posts. Specifically, you can use a shortcode to insert a list of posts based on categories or tags, choose to (not) display their images or full content while doing so.

Displaying a selection of posts on my review website, using Display Posts.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents adds, as the name suggest, a table of content to your posts and pages. This table and its location and look are customiseable in a handy settings page. Do you want full control on when and where to insert, or would you rather set it up to be automatically added to every post or page? You got it.

Table of Contents for one of my mods using Easy Table of Contents.

FileBird Lite

On website where I have to juggle a lot of images, FileBird Lite is my saviour. It allows you to add a folder structure to your Media Library, effectively creating order in the chaos that is otherwise one giant dump of images.

Structure in my art website‘s media library by using FileBird Lite.

Menu Image

Another straightforward name for a straightforward plugin: Menu Image allows you to add image to your menus, whether you want your menu text to be preceded by an icon, or you want the entire entry replaced by an image, including rollover images.

Adding recognisable icons to my socials using Menu Image.

Page Links To

The Page Links To plugin allows you to point specific pages (like your homepage) to a specific URL. I especially like this in combination with Redirect URL to Post & WP Next Post Navigation.

Redirect URL to Post

With the Redirect URL to Post plugin, you can generate links to your first post, latest post, etc. I especially like this in combination with Page Links To & WP Next Post Navigation.


The Shortcoder plugin lets you create custom shortcodes, which in turn insert a re-useable block into your page or post. Handy for when you have a Discord server you want to advertise or an “about me” tidbit you want to share on multiple pages.

WP Next Post Navigation

The WP Next Post Navigation plugin adds customisable buttons to navigate to your previous and next post. I especially like this in combination with Page Links To & Redirect URL to Post.

Navigation on my comics website using WP Next Post Navigation.

WP Discord Post Plus

With the WP Discord Post Plus plugin, you can send messages to your Discord server any time you make a post. Very handy to keep your community up to date!

Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast Duplicate Post is a quick way to duplicate an existing page or post.