You Suck At Parking (alpha demo)


The title isn’t lying. I really do suck at parking.


➕ Very fun in a frustrating way!
➕ Funny sound bits and animations.
➕ Gorgeous graphics style.
➖ A few graphical glitches.

This one needs a little backstory.

I discovered the company behind this game, Happy Volcano, when I was looking for local development companies to discuss as part of a presentation assignment for a communication class I took. We came across this company, being utterly surprised that there was a game dev studio local to us, and tried out their games as part of our “research”.
Gaming for school work, sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!

The game is currently available in an alpha demo on Steam.


The game play is very straight-forward: park your car in the designated parking spot.

Doesn’t sound that hard, right? Wrong.

Braking is parking, so as soon as you come to a standstill, you’re done.
You can accelerate, but not drive backwards.
And if you get off the road, you’re done.

The good news is that the sound bit for “badly parked, you suck” sounds like a little fart, and it’s hilarious.

You Suck At Parking is one of those game that get frustrating, but in a good way. You keep trying to complete the levels in fewer cars, at a faster time. And then when you think, “wow, I’ve really scraped the bottom of the barrel and got everything out of it that I possibly can”, you’re still only in the 112th place on the score board. Yeah.

This game makes me oddly nostalgic for that old-school Rally Trophy flash game (F in the comments for Flash games, Sadge), at which I also sucked. I see a recurring theme.


The demo has a tutorial that explains the gameplay well, though there isn’t much to it. The game is pretty intuitive.


Super cute! This is a 3D style I really adore.

The only issues I found were some clipping / incomplete graphics when you get your car in a really “out there” position, which doesn’t hinder gameplay at all.

And can we just talk about their clever in-game signage? Top notch!


👍 Absolutely recommend this game if you want to spend a little time in a frustratingly challenging way.